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How to get rid of the border around your design in Digital HeatFX RIP software

When using digital heat FX RIP software there is a setting in the Color Adjust that puts a border around your image.  To toggle this on or off, go to the color adjust tab and turn off “enable Ink Removal”

ProRIP Job Color Replacement Tool for Darkest Blacks

The job color replacement function for best blacks is explained in the user manual but here’s a video, just use 100/100/80 instead for your machine

Using iColor Standard 550 paper in your 550 printer

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You cannot use Forever Laser Dark in the iColor 550 as it 100% won’t work correctly. You absolutely have to use the iColor 550 2 step standard media  The attached internal bulletin explains the issue.

What side do I print on if there are no markings

Some transfer papers do not have a back marking on the B paper which might make it difficult to tell what side is what. There is always a description in the instructions indicating what side of the B paper is the adhesive side, but the easiest way to determine this...

Getting the error message "Failed to open ports" in ProRIP?

Getting the error message "Failed to open ports" in ProRIP?? I think I answer this question 3X daily between all the groups. Here's the fix!  

Getting continuous paper jams in your white toner transfer printer?

Here are some tips to resolve the issue and explain what’s happening: The culprit is usually excessive static, due to the current climate of low humidity (ie this happens every year in the winter). We see this in all the transparent medias that have a tendency to stick together. Neutralize the...

Understanding Image Formats And When to Use Them

Are you familiar with the extensions after your images? There are so many image formats that it’s so easy to get confused! File extensions like .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, and more can be seen after an image’s file name. Most of us disregard it, thinking there is no significance regarding these...

Why the heck do I need white toner?

We get this question alot. The answer is twofold: 1) To produce the color white on a dark garment, this is the obvious one! 2) To fill in the halftones on lighter images so that there is enough toner on the page to fully transfer to your garment or to pull...

TransferRIP Cheat Sheet

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Step 1 of 5: Profile selection: Choose the correct profile. The correct printer you are using with the correct paper and click the “select” button on the bottom right of the screen. For example) Laser-Dark (No-Cut) LowTemp Pro8432WT Step 2 of 5: Job Selection Click the “Load File” bottom on...

iColor 600 User Manual and Quick Start Guide

View/Download iColor 600 User Manual View/Download iColor 600 Quick Start Guide    

iColor 550 User Manual and Quick Start Guide

View/Download iColor 550 User Manual View/Download iColor 550 Quick Start Guide    

iColor 500 User Manual and Quick Start Guide

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View/Download iColor 500 User Manual View/Download iColor 500 Quick Start Guide    

How to Resolve Toner Sensor Errors: iColor 500, 600, and 700

  Please carry out the following instructions if you receive one of the following error codes: Toner Sensor Error, Color: Yellow Toner Sensor Error, Color: Magenta Toner Sensor Error, Color: Cyan Toner Sensor Error, Color: Black The printer contains slots for four image drums; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, or...

Setting the Multipurpose Tray to Work with Specific Paper Sizes

iColor® transfer papers come in a variety of sizes, so it is recommended that you set the MPT tray to the size of the paper that you most commonly use. If the multipurpose tray identifies a paper that is not within its set parameters, the iColor® printer will prompt you...

Cleaning the LEDs on your iColor 600 and 500

Keeping your iColor clean and free from toner is one of the minor maintenance procedures you need to do to keep your white toner printer healthy.

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