iColor Prints not coming out well? (scratches smudges, ghosting etc.)

Ryan Hallahan

Learn the potential reasons and fixes to your IColor prints coming out poorly.

IColor Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

Paul Boody

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding IColor Transfer Printing.

Propeel / iColor 2-Step White Toner Transfer A to B Sheet Marrying Issues?

Ryan Hallahan

Learn how to properly store and use your Propeel / iColor 2-step paper to ensure you are achieving the most vibrancy possible.

Job Color Replacement for Prorip/iColor

Ryan Hallahan

Job Color Replacement for Prorip/iColor In Pro Rip, efficiently manage your design colors with the job color replacement feature. This step-by-step guide will show you how to make manual color adjustments for your printing needs. Optimizing your color settings has never been easier. Right-click on the design you want to print and select "Job Color Replacement." Manually adjust colors by clicking on the specific color you want to modify and change the output values. Press "Add" and "Apply" to implement the changes, effectively replacing the color as needed. Right-click on the design again, select "RIP only," and click "View Raw Data" for finalizing the color replacement process.

Loading the Paper Cassette Tray and Bypass Tray in the iColor 560

Paul Boody

Learn how to properly load transfer media into the paper cassette tray and bypass tray in your iColor 560.

The Difference and Benefits of White Underprinting and Overprinting for iColor Machines

Paul Boody

Learn the differences and benefits of printing with a white underbase and white overprint.

How to Find and Resolve Toner Sensor Errors: IColor 500, 600 and 700

Paul Boody

Learn how to locate and resolve Toner Sensor Errors in your IColor transfer printer.

Replacing the Fusing Unit in the IColor 560

Paul Boody

Learn how to remove and install the fusing unit in the IColor 560.

IColor 560 Color Registration Procedure

Paul Boody

Learn how to perform the Color Registration Procedure on your IColor 560.

What is a Dedicated Power Circuit and Why do I Need One for my IColor Printer?

Paul Boody

In the realm of electrical setups, a dedicated home power circuit emerges as a customized solution specifically tailored to enhance the performance of IColor transfer printers. This blog post delves into the essence of dedicated circuits, shedding light on how they contribute to an uninterrupted and reliable power supply, ultimately optimizing the functionality of your IColor printer for seamless and efficient operation.

Unlock the Potential of White Toner Transfer Printing: Introduction and Overview

Sean Krueger

Welcome to the world of white toner transfer printing! In this blog post by Garment Printer Ink, we'll introduce you to the limitless potential of this innovative technology. Discover how white toner transfer printing enables vibrant, high-quality prints on dark or colored substrates, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Join us as we explore the benefits, applications, and exciting opportunities presented by this transformative printing method. Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned professional, this blog series will provide valuable insights to unlock the full potential of white toner transfer printing. Stay tuned for an inspiring journey of exploration and creativity!

How to get rid of the border around your design in Digital HeatFX RIP software

James Armando

When using digital heat FX RIP software there is a setting in the Color Adjust that puts a border around your image.  To toggle this on or off, go to the color adjust tab and turn off “enable Ink Removal”

Port Failed to open error

Dean Armando

ProRIP Job Color Replacement Tool for Darkest Blacks

Dean Armando

The job color replacement function for best blacks is explained in the user manual but here’s a video, just use 100/100/80 instead for your machine

Using iColor Standard 550 paper in your 550 printer

Dean Armando1 comment

You cannot use Forever Laser Dark in the iColor 550 as it 100% won’t work correctly. You absolutely have to use the iColor 550 2 step standard media  The attached internal bulletin explains the issue.

What side do I print on if there are no markings

Dean Armando

Some transfer papers do not have a back marking on the B paper which might make it difficult to tell what side is what. There is always a description in the instructions indicating what side of the B paper is the adhesive side, but the easiest way to determine this...