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Why should you buy ink and supplies from Garment Printer Ink?

We'd like to think we are more than JUST the "best price on the internet for DuPont inks and supplies" because we know it takes more than that to earn your business. Let's start with the main product we sell, which is ink.

We only use Dupont™ Artistri™ Ink, the most widely used and proven ink on the market. Some companies in this industry like to say their ink is Dupont™ and unfortunately, when it's not, it can costs garment printer owners an enormous amount of grief and money. We are proud to use and sell only Dupont™ ink, please read the MSDS sheets for our DuPont Ink Specs.

FREE Shipping on orders over $150 can sometimes be over looked, however depending on where you are, this can be comparable to 10% off your order or up to a $35 discount if your current supplier isn't offering this promotion. Free shipping means more money in your pocket...and hopefully another reason GPI can gain your business.

We give you free products for large orders. Order a full set of Liter ink and get 1 FREE liter of Cleaning Solution or order a full set of Half liter inks and get 1 FREE half liter of Cleaning Solution. No other garment printer ink dealer offers this promotion, however we have a saying here...."more ink for less money is more gooder".

We Recycle and and you get FREE INK and all for helping mother earth. This is another exclusive of Garment Printer ink. Buy and use 10 of our GPI cartridges for AnaJet, MelcoJet, Neoflex and Melco G2 Printers, then return the empty cartridges to redeem your FREE ink cartridge. We have customers who have received hundreds of dollars in FREE ink and at the same time have done the earth proud. We don't reuse the cartridges, they just go back to the manufacturer.

Same day shipping and always in stock is easy to say, but a bit harder to back up. GPI prides ourselves on staying on top of the demand and having the ink and supplies available when you need them. It's our pledge to you becuase your success is our success. Same day shipping up to 4pm EST.

Industry Standard Dupont™ Artistri™ Ink, ONLY FOR LESS!!

So why would you pay more? Don't let the distributors scare you into being unprofitable! You need affordable ink!! But yes, I need to trust it's not going to ruin your machine. I want to make a sale just as much as the next guy, but in this industry, if you con people into buying something that doesn't work or tell them it's DuPont ink when it's'll be dead in the water. The one thing that can calm your fears is asking for references!! We've been selling ink to Anajet owners and bulk garment printer owners for over three years now and I have plenty them...just ask!

EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 631-858-0114

We carry ink cartridges for Anajet, Melcojet and Texmac garment printers that are basically half price!! Why would you pay more? Need Bulk Ink for your DTG Printer, We always have it in stock. We have Liters (33.8 oz/1000ml) and Half Liter (16.9 oz/500ml) and offer Free Shipping on all orders of ink (Cartridges have a $100 minimum) which means you could be saving an additional $25 per full set of Ink, this is something that no one else offers. You can always expect to get the best prices on Anajet Ink Cartridges, MelcoJet Ink Cartridges, Ink for your Fast T-Jet, Flexi-Jet, Veloci-Jet or any other DTG Printer. Don't forget we also Sell PreTreatment for Dark Garments by the Liter and by the Gallon. We also stock Cleaning Cartridges for your AnaJet or MelcoJet in addition to the Liter Cleaning Solution.

It's time to make the switch and not only save money but be assured it will be available when you need it! Our ink includes FREE shipping, so visit our INK STORE for more details or to place an order.

DuPont Ink works best with the following garment printers:

    Fast T-Jet direct to garment printers
    Fast T-Jet 3 Printer
    Fast T-Jet 3 Plus Printer
    Fast T-Jet Blazer Garment Printer
    Fast T-Jet Blazer Express
    Flexi-Jet digital garment printers
    IDot Garment Printers
    AnaJet Garment Printers
    DTG Printers
    MelcoJet Garment Printers
    VelociJet Garment Printers
    And Any other DTG Type Garment Printers













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Customer Testimonials

Hands down the best service in the industry.  I've never had a situation where they were out of ink or didnt ship on time.  Always helpful on the phone and give useful advise anytime I have a question.  I wish they sold garment printers.  Either way they do their job so that I can focus on making the coolest craft beer shirts and gifts in the world

Thanks again 

Garment Printer Ink,

Wanted to take some time to say Thank You. When I first bought my Anajet Direct to Garment Printer. I was excited about being able to increase my Sales thus increase my Profits. However, over the course of time I started to notice that I was not making any real money. Sure the orders were coming in but I was spending a fortune on ink. Which ultimately was killing my profits and pocket book. When I called Anajet about lowering their prices they would not work with me. That is when I researched and found Garment Printer Ink. I contacted GPI and explained to them that I was hesitant about purchasing ink and using it in my printer. Needless to say after I purchased some ink cartridges and pretreatment I am completely SATISFIED! The ink and pretreatment I received from GPI was the exact same that I had been purchasing from Anajet and now I'm able to be way more Profitable! Since  purchasing my supplies from GPI, I have not experienced a single problem. Thanks for all the support and GREAT Customer Service. Any time I've placed an order you have always shipped it out that same day and have had no problems receiving my shipments. Thanks once again!

Dallas, TX 


Thanks again for catching that with the black ink!! That is great customer service and shows that you know your customers!

North Bend, PA

Wicked Skatewear has been ordering direct to garment ink supplies from Garment Printer Ink for over a couple years.  From order placement to items received, we are elated to have this business relationship!  It's so easy and affordable!  Also, we've tried to sub in other brands or find other suppliers over the years to cut costs and have been extremely disappointed.  We promise not to look anywhere else for our DTG needs :)

Thanks a bunch B-train