Using iColor Standard 550 paper in your 550 printer

Dean ArmandoJanuary 21, 20211 comment

You cannot use Forever Laser Dark in the iColor 550 as it 100% won’t work correctly. You absolutely have to use the iColor 550 2 step standard media 

The attached internal bulletin explains the issue.

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Linda Cohen on July 22, 2021

I am getting inconsistancy in my printing. Using the same RIP settings, the print out is giving, sometimes a good print, then out of nowhere, it starts printing holes throughout the images. I am not in a job that is due, fighting this and reprinting over and over, to finally get a good print, I print 11 copies. The first 10 were great, the last one, horrible! All the other prints since have this issue. Trying to get help, reading and spending countless hours trying to learn the “why” is a daily fight! I have also went through a lot of film! I am so regretting purchasing this printing at this point. I have taken jobs, made commitments just to not fulfill them doe tooth’s printing issue!

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