Roland Textile and Dye-Sublimation Printers

Get ready to boost your profits in the apparel and personalized product industry with our range of apparel, textile, and dye-sublimation printers. Whether you're looking for a direct-to-garment desktop printer or a large format dye-sublimation printer, we offer a variety of machines to fit your budget and customization requirements. With our latest devices, you can produce exceptional heat-transfer t-shirts, sportswear, soft-signage, and décor, as well as customized products such as mugs, cases, coasters, and more.

Roland Texart XT-640 High-Volume Dye-Sublimation Printer

Uninterrupted production for those working in sign-making, graphic design, home decor, and clothing manufacturing

Designed for speedy production and consistent, high-quality output on extended print runs

Offers a 64" print width, perfect for full-roll fabric printing

Capable of continuous, unattended production thanks to an automatic bulk ink-switching system

Features fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow inks, enabling the creation of countless vibrant and attention-grabbing colors

Provides the option of either 4-color high-speed printing or 8-color wide-gamut printing

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Texart RT-640 Dye-Sublimation Printer

Enter the world of dye-sublimation printing with exceptional quality, productivity, and value.

Highly profitable applications such as soft-signage, apparel, décor, and merchandising

64" print width designed specifically for full-roll fabric printing

Comes with an integrated bulk ink system for maximum efficiency

Includes fluorescent pink and fluorescent yellow inks, capable of producing hundreds of attention-grabbing colors

Offers the option of both 4-color and 8-color ink modes.

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Texart RT-640M Multi-Function Dye-Sublimation Printer

Experience the versatility of dye-sublimation printing, allowing for both transfer paper printing and direct-to-fabric production.

The SBL3 Texart ink comes in CMYK (x2), CMYKLcLm plus Orange (Or) Violet (Vi) Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy), enabling high-performance printing on both textiles and hard goods.

Direct-to-fabric printing optimizes the production of soft signage and banners, while the integrated bulk ink system makes it perfect for backlit displays, ChromaLuxe metal, apparel, décor, promotional items, and much more.

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Welcome to our collection of sublimation printers, where you'll find a wide range of printers to suit your business needs. Our sublimation printers are designed to produce high-quality prints with exceptional color accuracy and durability, making them perfect for printing on a variety of materials, including polyester fabrics, flags, banners, and more. With fast print speeds and user-friendly interfaces, our printers are perfect for businesses that demand the best in dye-sublimation printing.