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Produce high quality, high detail, highly opaque, full color transfers fast and easy onto cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, leather & cardboard. T-Shirts - Jeans - Umbrellas - Sports Jerseys - Polos - Rain Jackets - Caps - Hoodies - Boxes and more

Frequently Asked Questions about White Toner Transfer Printers

Can I convert a printer into a white toner printer?

Converting a standard printer into a white toner printer is possible in some cases, but it usually requires specialized kits or modifications. It's a complex process that may void warranties and may not achieve the same quality as dedicated white toner printers.

How do you transfer white toner?

Transferring white toner involves using a heat press or transfer machine. The process typically includes printing the design on transfer paper with white toner, placing it on the desired substrate (e.g., T-shirt, mug), and applying heat and pressure to transfer the toner onto the surface.

Is white toner the same as DTF?

No, white toner printing and DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing are different techniques. White toner printing uses a printer with white toner cartridges to print white designs on various substrates. DTF, on the other hand, involves printing on a special film and then transferring it to fabric using a heat press.

Can you make decals with a white toner printer?

Yes, you can create decals with a white toner printer. These printers are versatile and can be used for various applications, including producing high-quality decals and stickers.