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Award winning Ricoh DTG Garment Printers, including the Ri100, Ri1000 and Ri2000.  Experience the fastest ONE Pass prints on the commercial Ri2000, the Best in it's class Ri1000 or the affordable Ricoh Ri100 garment printer all ready to help you start or expand your business.

Direct To Garment DTG printers

Our selection of Ricoh DTG printers for sale are today's latest and most innovative direct-to-garment printers in the industry. These DTG printers are affordable, powerful, and best of all, easy to use. Whether you need to print T-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, golf shirts, hats or any other kind of garment, there's a Ricoh DTG printer here that will fit your needs and budget perfectly!

The Best Ricoh DTG Garment printer

The Ricoh Ri1000 and Ri2000 are both award-winning DTG Garment Printers. The commercial Ricoh Ri2000, has unmatched speed and low ink consumption.  The low price on the Ricoh Ri1000 Makes it a stand out amongst the competition, and the cost-effective Ricoh Ri100 garment printers are all ready to help you start or grow your business. We're proud to offer one of the most comprehensive collections of direct-to-garment printers and related supplies anywhere.  We carry all major brands of ink and supplies and only carry products we believe in so that you can feel confident that you're getting something top quality.

Our own direct-to-garment printer models are in stock so call us - we'll do everything we can to get the best DTG in your hands to start your own T-shirt business.


That’s right!  Your Ricoh DTG printer can print DTF (Direct to Film). Now use your garment printer to print on any type of 100% polyesters fabric.  DTG printer usually had one major draw back, that they only could print on cotton.  Now your Ricoh DTG Printer can print on any polyester shirt, sweatshirt, or sports fabric with amazing colors and opaque white.  Direct to film on DTG is the most amazing advancement since, well….DTG!


Types of DTG printers

Direct to garment (DTG) has been around for almost 20 years now.  We have seen Anajet printers, Neoflex printers, the Fast T-Jet, DTG Brand, Summit, Kiosk, Brother GT-541, Brother GT3, Brother GTX, Epson F2000 and F2100, The DTG G4, Kornit, omni-print Free jet and so many more.  Garment Printing has evolved and there’s only a few players left.  Ricoh Ri1000 and the Ricoh Ri2000, Brother GTX and GTX Pro and the Epson F2100 and Epson F3070