Uninet iColor® 560 White Toner Transfer Printer PRO Package (optional Heat Press)

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Introducing the UNINET IColor 560 white toner printer, the latest gem from the biggest authority in White Toner Printing. Welcome to state-of-the-art Digital Color + White Transfer printing!

The iColor 560 PRO Package comes with:

* Add a set of FULL CMY Toners for $550 more. ($687)

iColor 560 complete package image

Buy One. Get Six!

The IColor 560 does it all.

  1. White overprint for textile and apparel applications
  2. White underprint for non-transfer applications
  3. Dye Sublimation applications
  4. Fluorescent colors and Clear
  5. Regular CMYK transfers
  6. Gold and Silver color printing capabilities


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iColor 560

The UNINET IColor 560 is the ultimate toner-based digital transfer printer combined with exclusive white overprint and underprint capabilities in a single pass for transfer production of apparel, textile, hard surfaces, and more.

The Best-in-Class Total Cost of Ownership, Plain and Simple.

With its higher yield white toner cartridge capacity of 7,000 pages + full-color capabilities, the IColor 560 combines absolute versatility with a superstar performance for on-demand printing of short to mid-run transfer production of garments, hard surfaces, product customization, merchandising materials, and more.

Use the iColor® 560 for SIX different uses:

  • Heat transfer printing with white overprint
  • White Underprint for non-transfer applications
  • Regular CMYK prints without white
  • Fluorescent printing and Clear
  • Dye sublimation transfer printing
  • Gold and Silver color printing capabilities

Enhance Your Apparel Decorating Business.

Expand your business opportunities and tap into a wide variety of market segments by transforming a wide variety of garments, accessories, and more into marketable creations. Produce stunning graphics with both color and white, in addition to optional gold or silver color printing capabilities for application to virtually any dark or light-colored textile or substrate. The printed image will result in a soft to the touch and bright-colored, and the garment can be washed over and over without damage to the transfer.

What Sets the IColor 560 Apart?

  • Exclusive white overprint and underprint capabilities in a single pass.
  • Gold and Silver optional toner upgrade kits available.
  • IColor White Toner Higher Yield cartridge capacity of 7,000 pages extending print cycles and considerably reducing printing costs.
  • WiFi as well as Airprint, WiFi direct, and NFC capable (in CYMK mode).
  • Cutting-edge technology to produce digital transfers in a fast, and efficient fashion to be pressed onto virtually any type of dark or light-colored textile and hard surface materials such as ceramic, glass, wood, acrylics, metal, magnetic sheeting, leather, and more.
  • Incorporated IColor ProRIP software for automated production-level printing with advanced color management and customized print modes; as well as color changes, image manipulation, and rasterization on the fly.
  • Exclusive IColor SmartCUT Enhanced RIP Software software included for oversized images like tabloid and greater.
  • A toner-based system that does not require the maintenance associated with ink-based printers.
  • Exceptional 2400 dpi resolution vs. the competition.
  • Includes All-in-one five toner cartridges & drum printing system W/C/M/Y + BK for full color and white printing (CMYW plus True Black).
  • Easily swap back and forth between regular and specialty cartridge kits, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function.
  • A complete seamless transfer printing solution comprised of hardware, software, and transfer papers.
  • The definition of “workhorse” for any startup!

     iColor 560 Brochure

    Enter the World of the IColor 560

    The most complete seamless digital transfer printing solution comprised of hardware, software, and transfer papers in the industry.

    The IColor 560 provides cost-effective fabric transfer production without the constant maintenance associated with direct-to-garment or silk-screening systems.

    Get exceptional 2400 dpi resolution image quality results versus the competition combined with the IColor Transfer Papers available in a variety of sizes and textures featuring a weed-free system allowing you to affordably express your creativity.


       iColor 560 User Manual

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      Eric Rowell
      Icolor 560

      Great product and service. Fast shipping and great people at garment ink.

      Barbara Jordan

      I've had my printer just under a month. I love it. I am taking the Master Class and taking plenty of notes. So happy with my purchase. Thanks.

      Jamie Nemecek

      Uninet iColor® 560 White Toner Transfer Printer PRO Package

      Great Customer Service

      I am very pleased with my purchase. I will definitely order from Garmentprinterink.com again. Shipping was fast, and their communication was great. Danny Smith was great to deal with when I had questions. He was knowledgeable and available to help me understand my product better. Thank you Garmentprinterink.com for your great service!