Propeel Label Adhesive Media (clear/white)


ProPeel SKU: ProclearLab8.5

Color: Clear
Size: 8.5 x 11

Propeel Cutsheet media is available in both matte white vinyl and clear polyester options. These products were specifically designed to work with all IColor transfer printers, and will also work with many popular laser or LED printers - please check with your printer manufacturer for compatibility.

Create your own labels and apply onto a variety of sizes and substrates. Use the entire sheet for one large label, or print several labels on one sheet and cut manually or with your preferred plotter. 

Sold in packs of 25

1 - Place the label media into the multipurpose tray of the iColor printer.

The glossy side of this media is the print side

iColor 500/600 - Print side face up in Multipurpose Tray
iColor 550/800 - Print side face down in the Multipurpose Tray

Letter/A4 sized media should always be fed landscape when using with the iColor 600 & 800 Models


iColor 500/600 - Set Media type to "Ultra Heavy 1" and media weight to "Transparency"
iColor 550/800 - Set paper type to "Thick to 220g"

Paper size should be LETTER or TABLOID depending on media size used


When printing on the WHITE VINYL media, using the RIP software is not required since the use of white toner is not needed

When printing on the CLEAR POLYESTER material, the use of an iColor printer capable of WHITE UNDERPRINT MODE is recommended.

-Regular white toner printers overprint white only and can only be used if you are transferring to a substrate with a while background since they are not capable of white underprinting

Application to clear or dark surfaces without white underprint will result in dull or washed out images.

  • Use the iColor TransferRIP or ProRIP software.  Make sure you are working within the underprint queue in the ProRIP software or "A" Configuration if using the TransferRIP software
  • Add 200%-300% white underprint, especially if applying to clear or dark surfaces
  • Completely black images do not require a white underprint and it is suggested to print in rich black (CMYK) or composit black (CMY) for best results


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