iColor 650 White Toner Transfer Printer Starter Package


iColor 650 Starter Package Contents:

Total Value:     $8,964.70
Total Savings: $1,469.70
YOUR COST:    $7,495.00

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Introducing the iColor® 650

This A3 Portable Tabloid Transfer printer is the newest, most versatile product with white overprinting and underprinting capabilities on the market.

Featuring full color and fluorescent white toners combined with TRUE black printing. The unique CMYK+Fluorescent White toner set gives you the full, rich color of a CMYK printer plus the ability to decorate dark garments with vivid, colorful appliques and opaque whites. This unique five toner set solves problems found in other laser transfer products, and does it for hundreds less than comparable white toner printers.

jacket design

Buy One, Get Six Incredible Features:

  1. White overprint for textile and apparel applications
  2. White underprint for non-transfer applications
  3. Dye Sublimation applications
  4. Fluorescent colors and Clear
  5. Regular CMYK transfers
  6. Gold and Silver color printing capabilities

More features, more versatility, more speed, more savings, less printing costs and hassle.

The iColor 650 comes with a White Toner Higher Yield cartridge. Optimize all functions to unprecedented levels while delivering up to 10,000 pages (this is a 2.5 higher print yield than the rest of the competition!). The iColor 650 also considerably reduces print cost per page, resulting in significant savings.


iColor 650 Starter Package Contents:

  • Uninet iColor 650 Laser Transfer Printer - ($7495)
  • Starter set of CMYKW toner cartridges
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Lifetime Support
  • iColor ProRIP Software - ($695)
  • 50 Sets of Propeel 2-Step 11.6 x 16.5 Transfer Paper - ($228)
  • 25 Sheets of Propeel 1-Step Transfer Paper - ($40)
  • 100 Sheets of Premium Transfer TEST Paper - ($8.95)
  • 50 Premium Parchment Sheets - ($19.95)
  • 25 Kraft Release Paper Sheets - ($17.95)
  • 20 Static Sensitive Toner Wipes - ($12.95)
  • 1 Roll of Heat Sensitive Tape - ($9.95)

Total Value:     $8,527.75
Total Savings: $1,032.75
YOUR COST:    $7,495.00


Propeel papers and iColor ProRIP software

toner wipes, heat transfer tape, transfer test paper, parchment paper, kraft release paper


Additional Noteworthy Features:

  • Lowest cost 11" x 17" Tabloid size white toner laser printer on the market
  • Fluorescent White toner for black light apparel and transfers
  • Fluorescent CMY upgrade for full color black light transfers and graphics
  • Additional Toners include Sublimation, Clear and Security Toners
  • Hot swappable toners cartridges for underprint and overprint
  • 3 Year Warranty with Fuser Replacement



Q: How is the iColor 650 different from other Transfer Printers?

The UniNet iColor 650 is set up to be used in multiple ways including as a transfer printer, a traditional office laser printer, and a color+white document printer. UniNet has multiple patents allowing for this. The iColor 650 ships with the cyan, magenta, yellow, and white toners plus a black toner cartridge that can be interchanged with the white as needed. Thus, if you want to print regular color documents, you’d simply swap the white toner for the black and print just as you would with any other color laser printer. Plus, if you want to print white graphics and text on dark card stock or colored paper, you could use the three colors plus white toner to accomplish this. You’re basically getting three printers in one with the UniNet iColor 650. These options are not available on the Oki Data Pro8432WT.

In addition, the UniNet iColor 650 works with specialty toners including security toner, fluorescent toner, sublimation toner, and security toner but the Oki Data Pro8432WT does not.

The warranty on the iColor 600 is another distinguishing value. Not only is the warranty term longer (3 years instead of just 2 on the Oki Data Pro8432WT), it includes one free fuser replacement during the term whereas the fuser is not covered on the Oki Data Pro8432WT.

Q: What about cost of ownership? Is one cheaper than the other in the long run?

Here again, the UniNet iColor 650 has the advantage. One area in particular has to do with toner page yields. For example, the white toner cartridge on the UniNet iColor 650 yields 10,000 pages while the white toner cartridge on the Oki Data Pro8432WT yields just 4,500 pages. Moreover, the UniNet iColor 650 comes with RIP software which adds a lot of extra controls, one of which reduces the amount of white toner used per image by up to 50 percent. That results in both cost savings and softer, more durable garments because the white layer is not nearly as thick.

Q: Won’t that affect the color quality of the printed image?

Since the UniNet iColor 650 uses UniNet’s Absolute White Toner and RIP software, it’s not a problem. This toner is the most opaque on the market. White toner overprinting is not needed in areas of the image that have a density of 70 percent or more. The RIP software detects that, conserving white toner as a result. In contrast, when white overprinting is turned on, the Oki Data Pro8432WT produces a white overprint at 300 percent for the entire image regardless of whether it’s needed or not. The end result is an image that has a heavier feeling on the shirt and is considerably more expensive to produce.



Additional Information:

UNINET iColor 650 User Manual

UNINET iColor 650 Quick Start Guide

iColor 650 Brochure




    Please note: Laser transfers with white toner require the use of a heat press with very even platen pressure. Clam shell presses do not provide even pressure across the platen and are not recommended for this application. If you do not already own a swing away press, we advise you to purchase the Complete Package or add a swing away heat press to your order.

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