Four bobbins for embroidery

Movable cutter not returning

Paul Boody

The movable cutter, located in the bobbin area, might not be returning completely

I had the same problem and it was the movable cutter that was not returning
to its original place and was causing needle breaks. If you take the needle
plate off you will see that the cutter should be sticking out about 1mm and
in my case it was not going in under the cutter that doesn't move. I hope
you understand what I am trying to say. We then removed the plate that is
behind the needle plate - also silver and the plate that is right at the end
of the arm and there is a black rod that controls the cutter and this could
have come out of alignment. We then adjusted the cutter that only 1mm stuck
out. The adjustment screw is right at the end of the black rod. Lisa hope
this makes sense.