Printer pauses for long periods


1. Computer resources are not adequate

**Seven color process should have at least a Pentium 3 or higher, 512 MB RAM, Windows 2000 or higher

**RIP Pro should have at least a Pentium 4 or higher, 1 gig RAM, Windows 2000 or higher

Prevention: The more powerful your computer is, the better your software will perform. Make sure your machine meets the minimum system requirements.

2. USB cable may be too long

DTG troubleshooting

**Standard USB cable should not be longer then 10 feet.

3. Vectors with textured fills or large DPI images spooling large amounts of data

**Convert vectors with textured fills to raster bitmaps.

**With raster bitmap images the larger the DPI the larger the amount of data to be spooled. 150 DPI at actual image size is all a tee shirt needs. Smooth rigid goods may require a higher resolution. Images should not exceed 300 DPI.

Prevention: Images should be high enough in resolution to achieve good results but not so high that they slow down computer resources.


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