Printer stops in the middle of a print

customerNovember 05, 2013

1. One or more LED Ink lights are solid and the printer thinks it is out of ink

DTG troubleshooting

**Power off the printer and unplug to reset ink chips.

2. Computer resources are not adequate

**Seven color process should have at least a Pentium 3 or higher, 512 MB RAM, Windows 2000 or higher **RIP Pro should have at least a Pentium 4 or higher, 1 gig RAM, Windows 2000 or higher Prevention: The more powerful a computer the better.

3. USB cable may be too long

DTG troubleshooting

**Standard USB cable should not be longer then 10 feet.

4. Image file may be corrupt

**Try a different image to determine that the image in question is the problem.


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