Pearl Lite - Priming the Pearl Lite



Priming the Pearl Lite is required for proper spray pattern on the garment. If the Pearl Lite is improperly primed, you may not get an even, flat and consistent spray pattern on the garment.

1. To prime the machine, enter the Prime/Purge mode by pressing the Density Up & Down Buttons (4) simultaneously. The Display (3) will read “00” to indicate the Prime/Purge mode.

Pearl Lite Use Care Guide 8

2. Place the inlet hose into the pretreatment container.

 Pearl Lite Use Care Guide 9

3. Attach Nozzle & Nozzle Cap (6) to the Solenoid.

4. Place a cup under the Nozzle (6) to collect pretreatment.

 Pearl Lite Use Care Guide 10

5. Press the Start Button (9) to start the priming sequence.

6. Allow the pressure to build up to ensure proper priming of the machine.

7. Excess pretreatment solution can be poured back into the Pretreatment container.

8. Press the Up and Down Speed Buttons simultaneously to exit the Prime/Purge Mode. The display will change to the last speed setting used before entering the Prime/Purge Mode.


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