iColor 550/800 'A' Foil and 'B' Adhesive Transfer Paper for Light and Dark Textiles


Specially created 2-Paper-System for the iColor 550 white toner laser transfer printer. This is a self weeding solution that produces amazingly brilliant color and overall consistent results time and time again. Use this white toner laser transfer paper on light, dark, and colored apparel or materials with textile surfaces. The polymer coating on the Lo-Temp B Paper was developed specifcally for use with the iColor 550's print engine and toner and produces superior results, especially with spot color white on dark apparel.
The A-Foil sheet is the one you print your image on. This sheet holds the toner extremely well, but does not leave any residues in the fuser, belt or any background on the garment. No more guessing where to place the transfer, the transparent foil allows you to see the placement on your garment!
The Lo-Temp B Paper adds a layer of opaque white adhesive to the printed toner on the A Foil and bonds it to the fabric. The special coating of the Lo-Temp B Paper develops its adhesive power starting at 212°F (100°C), allowing a variety of different materials or surfaces to be transfer printed. This paper brings the additional opacity, which is needed for vibrant colors by transfer printing on dark garments. The white opaque coating on the sheet only sticks to the toner on the A-Foil.
• Cotton
• Polyester
• Cotton-poly blends
• Performance apparel
• Leather
• Denim and more
1. Place A Foil in iColor 550 bottom paper tray matte side down. Print on the transparent A-Foil using the Transparency Media Type.
2. Pre-heat the press table by closing the press for 1 - 2 minutes prior to step one
3. Place the A Foil and B Paper together with the white side of B paper facing matte side of the A Foil. The A-Foil should be on the bottom.
4. Press with light to medium pressure for 120 seconds at 310° F.
5. Separate both sheets from each other while hot by peeling in one smooth motion.
6. Trim the edges of the A-Foil to remove any B Paper residue.
7. Place matte side down, 'right reading' on apparel. Cover with Teflon sheet or silicone coated craft paper and press with high pressure for 30 seconds
8. Peel cold (Allow transfer to cool to room temperature before removing foil).
9. Cover with Silicone kraft paper and re-press with the same settings to fix the toner on the fabric.
10. Wait five seconds, remove the silicone transfer paper, and mildly stretch the garment.

Customer Reviews

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No waste because of residue; better than Forever brand

I've been using Forever Laser Dark two part and needed a shipment UPS Blue (my supplier couldn't promise them UPS Blue). I ordered a box of these and WOW, what a difference. I've been fighting the residue problem with Forever Dark - having to throw away at least 10-15 sheets per 100 because of the residue. I ran a 35 print set using the iColor 550 on my iColor 500 machine and NONE had residue - no waste at all! I'll be using the iColor 550 from now on!