Problem with WIM and White Ink


WIMS White ink ProblemHaving problems with white ink and your WIMS system?  How frequently are you replacing the WIMS filter on your system?

The filters should be replaced every 30 days (once a month or so). Dampers should be replaced every 6-12 months on white (or as needed if earlier). The capping station should be replaced or at least removed and completely cleaned every 12 months or so as well. Have you done any of these things in the past two years?

The dampers are the white cartridge-like items that connect to the ends of the ink lines and sit on top of the print head. They serve as both holding resevoirs for ink for the print head and also as filters. If you are having ink flow issues/starvation on your white ink and have not replaced/flushed these ever and only replaced your WIMS filter once - then you should seriously consider replacing all four white ink dampers and the WIMS filter. You can contact your distributor to purchase these items ad their tech support should be able to walk you through the process.

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