Diagnosing a Clog in the DTG HM1

Dean Armando

What I normally do is to try to isolate the issue from several possibilities to one. The only way to do that is to swap the cartridges. Follow these instructions to see if it is the damper or the print-head. (1) Perform a nozzle check, and note the bad nozzle...

VIDEO DTG Kiosk Loading and Printing a design on the HM1


Video on Loading and Printing a design on the HM1 Digital Printer

VIDEO DTG Kiosk Filling the retro fit ink cartridges on the HM1


VIDEO on filling the retro fit ink cartridges on the HM1

VIDEO DTG Kiosk Filling your DTG HM1 with Ink


Video on Filling your DTG HM1 with Ink

VIDEO DTG Kiosk Installing the Maintenance Program for the HM1


Video on Installing or setting up the Maintenance Program for the HM1

VIDEO DTG Kiosk Basic Components of the DTG HM1


Video on Basic Components of the DTG HM1 Kiosk

VIDEO DTG Kiosk Removing the HM1 Digital Printer from the box


Video on Removing the HM1 Digital Printer from the box

Replacing the Print Head on the DTG HM1 Garment Printer

Bambri Collaborator

Learn how to replace a print head on a Epson R1900 garment printer in this step by step video series

VIDEO Flushing the Ink lines on the DTG HM1

Bambri Collaborator

Video on Flushing the ink on the HM1 garment printer.

Replacing the DTG HM1 Ink System


Prior to starting work on removing any components from your DTG HM1 Kiosk  (in fact, any DTG printer) ensure that the main power has been switched off and disconnected from the printer. Also disconnect USB cable(s) from the rear of the printer. You may find it easier to have the printer in...

DTG HM1 Replacing the Head Cable and Mainboard


Here are two PDF documents that explain how to replace or service the HM1 head cable and mainboard. HM1 Head Cable Part1.pdf HM1 Head Cable Part 2.pdf You can buy the Head Cables for your DTG HM1 here

DTG HM1 WIMS Filter Replacement


There are two side of the Filter for the HM1C, an inlet side and a outlet side.  Here the Inlet side has been marked to make it easier to see.            It is important to understand how the ink flows through the circulation system. See Figure B....

Resetting the waste ink counter DTG HM1

Paul Boody

Learn how to reset the dummy waste tank on your HM1-C printer using the Epson adjustment program and USB dongle key. 

Error codes for the DTG HM1


The printer is busy. This may be a normal startup cycle or a head cleaning. If the carriage has moved, then the INK button has been pressed. Press the INK button again.       The Epson mainboard believes that the waste tank is full (NOTE: this is not the...

Fixing registration issues on your DTG


For registration issues clean the main belt the platen rides on, use a solvent like barsol, just to make sure it does not damage the belt, then rub pure eucalyptus oil on it. The platens seem to stay put better after doing this. You can also print a CMYK box...

Problem with WIM and White Ink


Having problems with white ink and your WIMS system?  How frequently are you replacing the WIMS filter on your system? The filters should be replaced every 30 days (once a month or so). Dampers should be replaced every 6-12 months on white (or as needed if earlier). The capping station...