DTG HM1 WIMS Filter Replacement


There are two side of the Filter for the HM1C, an inlet side and a outlet side.  Here the Inlet side has been marked to make it easier to see.  





It is important to understand how the ink flows through the circulation system. See Figure B. If the lter is put onto the HM1C backwards then it will slow the flow of ink to the head and clog the  Filter a lot faster than it should.




To change the filter without making a mess, make sure that the circulation pump is powered off. Because the HM1C turns the pump on by itself when doing automatic head cleanings, it is a good idea to turn off the upper unit of the printer before proceeding with the Filter change. Flip the power switch to the down position. This power switch should always be left .See Figure C.








 To remove the  Filter, disconnect the outlet side first. Then attach the new  Filter’s outlet connector. Then you can remove the inlet side connector, and twist it onto the new  Filter.

Last Chance Filters need to be changed approximately every four weeks, depending on the amount of printing done. Failure to change these  Filter on time can cause poor nozzle checks and even clogs in the WIMS system. Last Chance Filters are available from: Garment Printer Parts

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