DTF 1682 Operation Load/Feed Media

DTF 1682 Operation Load/Feed Media

Paul Boody

Take the media flange off your printer to load into roll. To install the media flange, push the flange (x2) into both ends of the media core.

Before inserting, twist the handle on the flange counterclockwise to unlock it.

Twist the handle clockwise to lock the flange. Check that the flange is firmly locked. If loose, the media can be removed and affect the print quality.

Load your roll into your printer. With the roll on turn the knob on the right side to lock into place. (circled in Red)


The highlighted zone in the picture should remail still. Make sure that the rolls are seated properly. They should be even and taught to prevent head strikes.

Feed the media into the printer. From the rear tension of the printer release handle. Feed the film through printer and engage the tension handle again. The Red Circle shows the tension handle engaged at 24" full pressure 48" + half pressure. The Blue Circle shows the tension handle disengaged, pinch rollers released.

When the media is loaded from the rear position it should be aligned with the guide. The Guide should be on top of the media. To position film you will have to release the tension on the film.

Once aligned feed the film to allow enough slack to feed through the shaker/dryer.


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