Emptying the Waste Ink Tank in your DTF Printer

Emptying the Waste Ink Tank in your DTF Printer

Paul Boody

When a certain amount of ink is used, the error LED in the operation panel of the printer turns on, and a buzzer sounds. Pour waste ink inside the waste ink tank to a PET bottle, and discharge.

Important: When moving this product, always empty the waste ink tank even if it is for a short distance. If ink splashes inside the waste ink tank while being moved, it can cause damage.

  • The capacity of the waste ink tank is 1500 mL. Make sure to prepare a container that has enough capacity when discharging waste ink.


  1. Check that the error LED is flashing.
  2. Launce MSM and display the remote panel.
  3. Check [Status Information] in the [Printer Status] tab. A message that the waste ink tank is full is displayed.
  4. Prepare a container like a PET bottle to transfer the waste ink.
  5. Pull out the tip of the waste ink tube.
  6. Insert the waste ink tube into a container and turn the valve so it's aligned in the direction of the tube to open. Pour waste ink into container. If their is a blockage, use a syringe placed into the waste tube to gently suction out any debris that may have blocked waste ink flow.
  7. Click [Reset Waste Ink].
  8. The confirmation window opens. Click [Yes], the waste ink counter is set to 0. 

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