DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer Panel Controls

DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer Panel Controls

Paul Boody

The DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer simplifies and automates the curing and drying process. By working seamlessly with your DTF printer, it eliminates the need for manual powdering, saving you time and enabling you to print more efficiently.

Automatic: Switch to automatic operation mode (the system automatically controls the complete process of the powder spreader).

Manual: Switch to manual operation mode (finish the complete process by manually controlling the switches of each device function of the powder spreader). Manual can also be used to start a job. Using just fan.

Heat Temp: real-time temperature of heating device inside chambers.

Pre Temp: real-time temperature of the front heating plate on the dryer.

Dusting: TPU powder spreading switch, which controls the opening and closing of the powder spreading function. (Top TPU Chamber)

Heat: Controls the heater in the chamber turning it on and off.

Fan: Switch of the suction device to control the opening and closing of the suction device on the infeed (Vacuum roller).

Roll: The switch of the winding device, which controls the operation and closing of the winding device. Device rolls film up after the outfeed of the dryer. 

Shaking: Shake powder switch, control the on and off of the powder shake function. (this removes excess TPU powder from the back of the print).

Feed (Belt Speed): The function of feeding paper feeding transport. Turns the belt on and off. Set the speed in the Para settings.


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