Flushing a Print Head on the Brother GT-541


(1) Take a print head out of GT-541.

  • This work should not be done on the heads still mounted on the printer. Prevent ink spills over the printer.

(2) Take the filter off and intake the air.

Article 20 Pic 1

(3) As the photo shows put the air into the head and drain the ink remains inside of the head.

Article 20 Pic 2

(4) Apply WASH liquid to the cleaning applicators (head swabs)

  • Apply WASH liquid to head swabs
    • Take a little bit of WASH liquid into the syringe with no filter attached

Article 20 Pic 3

    • Attach the filter to the syringe and apply the WASH liquid to an applicator (swab)
    • Note - You may need to wipe the head surface before injecting solution into the head.      

Article 20 Pic 4

Do not put any applicator directly into the WASH liquid container.

If the WASH liquid has been already filtered following the process previously instructed, you can directly dip applicators into the liquid as needed. However, in this case smaller individual containers should be used.

Article 20 Pic 5

(5) Apply WASH liquid to the head

  • Work on the clogged nozzles

Effective for the inconsistent missing nozzle problem

* Same time you need to check the wiper blade and the wiper cleaner conditions.

  • Nozzle clogging problem found on the heads being removed from the printer for a while

Follow the photo below on how to apply WASH liquid to the head.

Take 1.5cc of WASH liquid out of the container.

Article 20 Pic 6

  • If the liquid does not go through the head at all, all of the nozzles are likely being clogged and probably less chance to recover.

Article 20 Pic 7

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