Viper Maxx Pretreatment Machine


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The NEW Evolution of Pretreatment Machines

The ALL-New Viper MAXX Pretreatment Machine is the newest innovative pretreatment machine from i-Group Technologies that is destined to change the DTG industry once again. The MAXX takes all of the best innovations and lessons learned from the past 10 years of producing the world’s leading pretreatment machines and put them together to create the ULTIMATE spray application process for DTG.

The MAXX is so feature rich that it allows for a perfectly even application of pretreatment every time, with every pretreatment on the market. Complete user control over all of the variables allows for precise spray application in only the areas required. No more pretreating the entire shirt for just a left chest DTG print. With 99.9% efficiency and no spraying off the shirt you can only pretreat the areas intended with the touch of a button.

  • Easy to Use Touchscreen
  • BarCode Reading Capable
  • Up to 19"x24" +/- Spray Area
  • Single Nozzle Spray System
  • 30 Spray Pattern Presets (User Defined)
  • Quick Preset Selection
  • 4 Fluid Application Presets (User Defined)
  • Precise Spray Area - 99.9% Efficient
  • User Defined Auto Cleaning Routine to keep nozzle wet and open
  • Any comparable spray tip can be used in the MAXX and settings adjusted for the perfect spray pattern.
  • Easy-Sleeve Loading on included unique platen
  • Completely User Adjustable Parameters to achieve the perfect spray pattern

The Viper MAXX Now Ships BarCode Capable

barcode scanning with the Viper Maxx The Viper MAXX now ships with the ability to read bar codes as a standard feature. This is not available on any other pretreatment machine in this class (Sub $7,000 DTG pretreatment machines). Shops looking to increase their efficiencies and workflow can incorporate QR Codes or Code 39/128 linear codes into their process. This reduces mis-treated shirts by the employees and allows for more control over the amount of fluid applied and the location of the spray. It is easy to implement and create these bar codes. Let Viper take your pretreating to the MAXX.

Best of all there is only ONE NOZZLE to clean and use

Made in the USA Round Version

The Viper MAXX is 100% Manufactured in the USA

We are proud to have been designing and engineering directly to garment pretreatment machines for over 10 years now - all in the United States of America. Our facilities are located in New Philadelphia, OH and we employ only the best team to design, assemble, ship and support these units. We are proud to be a part of the DTG community and working to change the industry one shirt at a time.

Awesome On-Line Videos and Technical Support

We've spent the time to help show you how to uncrate, set up, and use your new Viper MAXX with detailed videos. Even though the MAXX is extremely easy to use, we wanted to make sure you understood how powerful and versatile it really is. So we've created a whole VIDEO page to help you get the most out of your Viper MAXX. In addition, we have some printed documentation on our normal TECH SUPPORT page that you can also reference.


Download the Viper MAXX Barcode Scanning Worksheet

Download the ADDITIONAL Viper MAXX Barcode Scanning Worksheet


Up to 19″ x 24″ Spray Area (+/-)


Set All Parameters for Spraying


4 User Defined Spray Values


30 User Defined Patterns


No Drawers To Open/Close


99%+ Efficient / Minimal Overspray


BarCode Reading Capable

Instructions for the Viper Maxx Pretreatment Machine

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