These 16-needle, high performance embroidery machines are built for the hobbyist and experienced professional alike. This equipment is beautifully engineered for ease of use and commercial production.

Stitch high-quality embroidery on popular items including but not limited to:

  • Shirts
  • Caps
  • Blankets
  • Bags
  • Jackets
  • Jeans
  • Leather
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Melco EMT16X

The Melco EMT16X is the next generation of the most efficient, productive embroidery machine in the world. What does a “modular” embroidery system do? With the Melco Operating System (MOS), you control every machine on the network from a single computer. This enables management of individual machines as needed, without interrupting production on the entire network.

No other system gives you this level of control and flexibility! With Melco EMT16X, there are no limits to how you can configure your system. You can embroider on virtually anything, and grow your embroidery business at your pace by adding single or multiple machines whenever you like. 

Watch Melco's video below to learn more about the EMT16X.

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Enhancements that make the EMT16X unique...

  • 16 Needle Commercial Embroidery Machine, Single or Multi-Head
  • Acti-Feed™ Thread Control
  • Precise Laser Registration
  • Adjustable Presser Foot
  • High Speed Pantograph (1500 Stitches per Minute)
  • Small Cylindrical Lower Arm for Embroidery on Hats and Pockets
  • Sturdy, Wheeled Cart for Easy Mobility
  • Scalable—Easily Add Machines to the Embroidery Network
  • Removable Table Top 
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Less time changing colors and threading the machine means more time sewing. Built on proven Melco embroidery technology, BRAVO is the most advanced and user-friendly machine in its class.

Embroidery goods are in demand and this machine is built to produce. The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with the professional quality your customers demand. 

Embroidery machine packages include software, warranty, and training.

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DesignShop V11

Your new Bravo includes powerful digitizing software that will empower you to start personalizing your embroidery projects with professional quality.

The Melco DesignShop v11 Software comes in four packages: Lettering, Editor, Vector, and Professional. Make the most out of this software and all of its incredible features with the Professional digitizing package!

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Cap Embroidery Frame & Fast Clamp Pro

Cap EMB Frame
There are dozens of popular hat styles, BRAVO embroidery machines can handle them all. Simply remove the hoop arms, install the cap driver, hoop your hat using our optional cap gauge and frame, and go to work.

Fast Clamp Pro
Embroidery goods are in demand and the BRAVO is built to produce. The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with beautiful quality. BRAVO produces professional embroidery your customers demand. With the Melco Fast Clamp Pro, you can easily adjust the width and height to embroider products of varying thicknesses. 

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Get 0% Financing (for qualifying customers only)

Synchrony is working with Garment Printer ink to help offer credit cards with the budget-friendly financing suited perfectly for your needs, whether you are a national chain or local merchant. 

There’s nothing stopping you from making your embroidery and customization dreams a reality. Contact a GPI Team Member today to learn how you can get 0% financing on your BRAVO Melco Embroidery Machine.

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