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Glitter Vinyl Collection Highlights:

Glitter applies to

100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends Leather
100% Cotton 100% Polyester Poly/Cotton Blends Leather
  • Cut Like Rhinestones: This versatile vinyl can be easily cut into any shape or design, allowing you to create intricate and personalized patterns that resemble the brilliance of rhinestones.
  • Captivating Color-Changing Effect: Our Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl contains mesmerizing color-changing chips that add a captivating twist to your designs, creating a dynamic and eye-catching visual experience.
  • Durable and Easy to Apply: Made from high-quality polyester composition, this vinyl is built to last and maintains its vibrant holographic effect even after repeated washings.

Add a touch of magic to your designs with our Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl. Elevate your creations and captivate your audience with its mesmerizing holographic effect. Transform ordinary garments into extraordinary works of art that stand out. Order now and let your creativity shine!

Note: Holographic is 110 Microns / 4.3 Mils and is composed of durable polyester material.