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Premium Sawgrass Ink for Sublimation Printing

Discover the Sawgrass difference with our premium sublimation inks, favored by professionals worldwide. With over 30 years of experience in developing high-quality sublimation inks, Sawgrass inks offer unparalleled color vibrancy, reliability, and durability. 

Sawgrass SubliJet UHD

SubliJet UHD is a 4-color Ultra High Definition dye sublimation ink set, refined over 30+ years to produce outstanding results on all hard and soft polyester substrates. Perfect for professionals seeking vibrant and durable prints.

SubliJet UHD SG1000 70ml Ink Cartridges provide extended capacity for high-volume printing.

Sawgrass ChromaBlast UHD

ChromaBlast UHD is a pigment ink set that, when used with ChromaBlast media, produces bright, beautiful transfers onto light-colored cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. Ideal for creating vivid and long-lasting designs on cotton garments.

ChromaBlast UHD Individual Cartridges for SG500/SG1000 offer the same high-quality pigment inks for detailed and vibrant prints.

Sawgrass EasySubli

EasySubli, developed in partnership with Siser®, is a 4-color dye sublimation ink created to work seamlessly with Siser EasySubli HTV. It also delivers excellent results on hard and soft substrates, making it versatile for various applications.

Why Choose Sawgrass Ink?

Sawgrass inks are specifically designed to flow easily through print heads, reducing blockages and ensuring smooth operation. They are resistant to fading and maintain their vibrancy for years to come. The easy-to-use, no-mess cartridges protect the ink and printer from environmental free radicals that can potentially damage the printer. Whether you’re looking to create stunning sublimation prints on polyester fabrics or vibrant transfers on cotton, Sawgrass inks deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sawgrass inks are available for the SG500 & SG1000?

We offer three ink sets for the SG500 & SG1000:

  • SubliJet UHD: Versatile for sublimation paper on polymer-coated blanks and polyester fabrics.
  • ChromaBlast UHD: Ideal for light-colored cotton and cotton-blend fabrics using ChromaBlast paper.
  • EasySubli: Designed for Siser EasySubli HTV and versatile for various substrates.

How long can I expect a cartridge to last?

The lifespan of a cartridge varies depending on the size and saturation of the printed images. Sawgrass offers three sizes of ink cartridges:

  • Starter 20ml (Included in Install Kit for SG500 and SG1000)
  • Standard 31ml (For SG500 and SG1000)
  • Extended 70ml (For SG1000 and SubliJet UHD only)

Regular maintenance also affects cartridge longevity. Proper disposal and recycling of cartridges and printers are essential for environmental sustainability. 

Where can I purchase Sawgrass ink cartridges?

If you notice your ink cartridges running low, you can purchase replacements from our website. You do not need to change cartridges until the ink is depleted and you receive a notification on your printer's LCD screen.

Learn More About Sawgrass Inks

This video explains the differences between ChromaBlast and regular Sawgrass inks, including their uses for printing on polyester and cotton fabrics.

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