Offset Programming for Appliqué

Osman Bayrak

Offset Programming for Appliqué

(For SWF LCD Type Controller)

The following is a quick start guide for programming and executing an offset for

embroidering appliqué on the SWF LCD type controller.

 Please refer to the manual

starting on page 3-39 for more information.


1. Press Embroidery Call and choose the design.

2. Press Setting.

3. Press Basic

4. Use the F1 and F2 keys to scroll down to line 9, Offset Function.

5. Press 1 to Select Yes.

6. Press Previous.

7. Press Offset.

8. The display shows the stops at each color change in the design on the left.

9. Press Select (F1).

10. Use the F1 and F2 keys to scroll to each color you wish to execute the offset.

11. At each color you wish to offset, press Select (F7).

12. When finished, press Previous.

13. Press Previous again.

14. Press Frame.

15. Move the frame to the start point of the design.

16. Press Select (F7).

17. Move the frame to the mid point of the offset move.

18. Press Select (F7).

19. Move the frame to the end point of the offset move.

20. Press Select (F7). Note: It is not necessary to set a mid point unless you need a two

direction move. A single move in one direction does not require a mid point setting.

Therefore, even though the screen is asking for the mid point, actually move the

frame to the full offset point and press F7 for mid point and again for end point.

21. Press Previous.

22. Press Previous again to return to the Start screen.

23. Press start and the frame will move back to the start point and begin sewing.

NOTE: After each offset move, press Start to return to the sewing point, then again to

actually start the machine.