How to Install an SWF Embroidery Machine

Osman Bayrak

How to Install an SWF Embroidery Machine

Insert the new diskette in the disk drive. While holding down the Low, Medium, High pantograph

speed button, turn on the machine. This will cause the machine to read the disk drive and load

the program you are about to utilize.

When the program is loaded, you should see a new menu on your SWF controller display.

Select the steps in the following order by using the "up & down" button and hitting "set":

3) Memory initialize

2) System install

1) Version install

4) Reboot

After step 4, the machine will ask you for spring or wheel thread break detect: select your

machine style based on your tension base.

Then select your model series (most single heads are "A-T series" and most 2, 4 & 6 heads are the "A-U series").

Then select your model number from the list. The machine may ask you to enter any of the above information for verification during this process...enter it and eventually it will take you to the menu allowing you to select "Exit". Select "Exit" and the machine will load the new system software.

It will be necessary to reload any designs and color changes, etc. as the machine memory was totally wiped clear.