Drive Error Message 610

Osman Bayrak

Is anyone out there who can help with DRIVER ERROR MESSAGE #610. I
don't know if its a machine problem or software problem. I had to
replace my computer a couple of weeks ago and after writing a new
design to a floppy, it will not load into the machine, I get this
driver error message. Is it my computer? Is it the design? or the
SWF machine? I hope someone can help.

Possible Solution (sent by Allen Gripton):
This is a Floppy drive error, most likely the design did not save correctly to
the floppy disk or there is something wrong with the disk that will not read
correctly in the embroidery machine. Simply grab a different disk and try again.
Make sure you always format the disk before saving the design.

Response to solution:
Hi Allen, I tried this on two different floppies and got the same
result. Could it be my A drive that is not functioning properly?

Possible Solution (sent by Allen Gripton):
It may well be the read head of the floppy drive is inoperable. This often occurs
on embroidery machine after 3 to 5 years, due to the amount of lint that
accumulates in and around the machine. That lint and dust builds up inside the
floppy drive, and since information is written on a floppy disc magnetically,
you can see how easy it is for lint to attract itself inside the disk drive.
This lint does build up on the motors that spin the floppy disk and when the
machine cannot receive the information in its entirety you would get a read
error on the screen.
The good news is the repair only cost $8.00, and will only take about 20 minutes
of your time. You can procure a new floppy drive from Staples, or Office Depot
as long as it is an internal floppy drive.
The Internal Floppy Drive has no plastic around it due to the fact that the
drive is mounted inside of a computer or machine. You do not want to get an
external type floppy drive or one that has plastic molding around it. Yours will
have just the protective metal housing unit around it. You can get a Sony
Internal Floppy Drive for about

4.00 to 0.00. I have a video for installing

this if you should desire it. There are only 2 connections once you mount the

floppy drive. The ribbon cable and the smaller power cable. That's it.