Applying pretreatment to a dark shirt with a pretreatment sprayer

T-Shirt is showing through the Pretreatment Underbase

Paul Boody

The shirt is showing through the underbase.

DTG troubleshooting

Reasons and Solutions:

1. Not enough White Ink pre-treatment

DTG troubleshooting

**Increase the amount of spray.

2. Not setting the White Ink pre-treatment correctly on the heat press

**Press the pre-treated shirt for no more than 10 seconds.

3. Not enough pressure on the heat press

**Increase the pressure slightly. Increase more if needed. The heat press should flatten the surface of the cotton.

4. Not the right RIP Pro settings for the color of shirt

DTG troubleshooting

**White Ink requires a health coat for good results.

The darker the shirt the more coverage it needs.

Setting a higher DPI for the White underbase increases the amount ink that is printed.

5. White Ink is not primed in the print head

DTG troubleshooting

**Run at least 10 head cleanings using the ink button on the control panel and try a test print. Repeat if it improved but needs more.

6. White Ink jets are clogged

**Flush the inks with distilled water thoroughly. Flush the lines with cleaning solution to remove most of the residue. Run head cleanings from the control panel with cleaning solution in the print head just like ink. Let cleaning solution soak in the print head for a few hours and run a few more head cleanings with the Ink button on the control panel. Flush cleaning solution and refill the system with ink. Print a nozzle check or a test image to see if the jets are unclogged.

DTG troubleshooting

DTG troubleshooting

**Replace print head

Prevention: Run head cleanings on days that the printer is not printing. For periods longer then a week, flush ink out of system using distilled water. Run cleaning solution through the system and leave the cleaning solution in the system until you need to print again.

7. White Ink damper or dampers are clogged or clogging

DTG troubleshooting

**Replace dampers** We recommend having a trained technician perform the replacement as there is 


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