Siser Romeo 24" Precision Cutter


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Siser Romeo large format cutter fits right on your desktop

In the market for a cutter that can truly amplify your output? Discover the unmatched capabilities of Romeo®! Doubling the prowess of Juliet®, Romeo offers twice the cutting breadth, slashing your production hours. Whether intricate designs or extensive lengths, Romeo handles with impeccable precision.

Boasting features akin to those in large-format cutters, Romeo is a forerunner in sophisticated tasks. The intuitive touchscreen comes loaded with Siser®-specific settings and a state-of-the-art registration camera, ensuring flawless print-and-cut actions. When combined with the Leonardo® Design Studio, Romeo's potential transforms visions into tangible masterpieces. Choose Romeo for a professional touch that stands unrivaled!

Precision, Silence, and Versatility in a Larger Format!

Romeo® stands out as an advanced cutting marvel, masterfully executing the tiniest intricacies across diverse materials. While it's optimized for all Siser® heat transfer vinyl with pre-set configurations, Romeo effortlessly handles other favorites like cardstock, stickers, craft foam, and beyond. Accommodating rolled materials up to 60cm and even extended sheets, Romeo offers you unparalleled creative liberty with materials you trust and use daily.

Beyond its capabilities, what sets Romeo apart is its quiet operation, swift performance, and knack for detailed cuts. It's the ideal upgrade for those seeking a professional cutter to handle larger, more ambitious projects.

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Packed with Features



Take the guesswork out of cutting. Romeo comes with dozens of pre-set cut settings for all Siser materials. You can even create your own custom cut settings!


Thanks to adjustable pinch rollers, you’re not limited to a specific cut area. Utilize the entire width of the cutter for your projects. Cut with or without a cutting mat.


Use the built-in presets for most of the Siser materials. If you use materials such as cardstock or paper, you can create your own custom settings so they’re just a press away!


Large banners and signage are a breeze with Romeo. Super-fast cutting combined with the wide 60cm format allows you cut items such as window decals, boat names, and vehicle graphics!


Romeo has a quiet and smooth operation, making it ideal for any environment. Whether you have a busy shop or a quiet home office, Romeo will fit right in.


Feature Details
Max Material Width 23.63 x 23.62 inches
Max Cut Length 25.59/24.61 inches (W) x 179.92 inches (L)
Compatible Materials HTV, Vinyl, Cardstock, Paper, Felt, etc.
Available Tools 45° Blade, 60° Blade
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Direct via USB cable
Design Software Leonardo™ Design Studio
Dimensions 36.22 inches L x 7.87 inches W x 7.09 inches H
Weight 20.94 lbs
Input Power 100-240V 1.5A (Input) 24V 2.7A (Output)
Precision 0.01mm
Maximum Material Height 1mm
Maximum Speed 28 inches/s
Maximum Cutting Speed 24 inches/s

Advanced Suite – Leonardo™ Design Studio

A high-performance cutter demands equally sophisticated software. Hence, Leonardo™ Design Studio was envisioned as the ideal software partner for the Romeo™ and Juliet™ cutting devices. Effortlessly link Romeo to Leonardo Design Studio through the provided USB cable or over a WiFi network, and you're set! What's even more impressive? Leonardo Design Studio transcends being just a cutting program – it offers a dynamic workspace. Take advantage of its integrated canvas and tools to craft original designs or select from a vast collection in the art gallery. Moreover, peruse the color swatches and details for each Siser® material, draw ideas from our artisan projects, enhance your proficiency with instructional videos, and explore a plethora of other features – all housed within one software platform!

Every purchase of Romeo or Juliet comes with complimentary access to Leonardo Design Studio.

leonardo studio for siser romeo cutter


Max Material Width   25.5" 
Max Cut Length   5+ Yards with Roll Holder  
Compatible Materials   HTV, EasyPSV, Cardstock, Paper, Felt, etc.  
Available Tools   45° Blade, 60° Blade
Connectivity   WiFi, Direct via USB cable  
Design Software   Leonardo™ Design Studio
Dimensions   36.25in L x 7.75in W x 7.5in H
Weight   21 lbs
Input Power   100-240V 1.5A (Input) 24V 2.7A (Output)
Precision   0.01mm
Maximum Material Height   1mm
Maximum Speed   27in Per Second
Maximum Cutting Speed   24in Per Second

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