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Introducing the Sawgrass ChromaBlast HD SG400/800 Cartridges (29ml), the ideal choice for creating high-definition digital transfers on cotton and cotton-blend garments. This ink system, consisting of release paper, ChromaBlast-HD textile inks, and the SG400/800 printer, offers high-capacity output and vivid color for decorating white and light-colored natural fabrics.

  • High-Definition Transfers: The ChromaBlast HD SG400/800 Cartridges are specifically designed to produce high-definition digital transfers for cotton and cotton-blend garments. Experience exceptional image clarity and detail with each transfer.
  • Vibrant and Durable Results: Achieve vibrant and durable images that withstand multiple washes while maintaining their color and quality. The ChromaBlast HD system ensures long-lasting and fade-resistant designs.
  • Soft-to-the-Touch Feel: Enjoy the soft and comfortable feel of the transferred images on the fabric. The ChromaBlast HD inks deliver prints that are soft to the touch, enhancing the overall quality and comfort of the garments.
  • Ink Volume: Each cartridge in the set contains 29ml of ink except black which contains 42ml

Compatibility Note: It is important not to switch between ChromaBlast and SubliJet inks. Additionally, ChromaBlast R is not compatible with the Virtuoso SG400 & SG800 Printers.