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20in x 75ft
30in x 150ft
54in x 150ft

Introducing the Roland SoftSign Fabric Banner RCM-SSFB, a versatile and durable fabric signage solution. Designed by Roland, a trusted name in the printing industry, this fabric banner offers exceptional quality and performance for your signage needs.

  • High-Quality Fabric Banner: The Roland SoftSign Fabric Banner RCM-SSFB is crafted from premium-quality fabric materials, ensuring vibrant colors, sharp graphics, and excellent durability. It provides a professional and polished look for your signage.
  • Versatile Signage Solution: Whether you need indoor or outdoor signage, the SoftSign Fabric Banner is suitable for various applications. From trade shows and events to retail displays and promotional campaigns, this banner delivers impressive results.
  • Easy to Install and Display: The RCM-SSFB features convenient grommets and hemmed edges, making it easy to install and hang. Its lightweight and flexible nature allow for hassle-free transportation and quick setup.
  • Fade-Resistant and Durable: The fabric banner is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including UV exposure and weather elements. It is fade-resistant, ensuring your signage maintains its vibrancy and impact over time.
  • Eye-Catching Graphics: With the Roland SoftSign Fabric Banner, you can showcase stunning graphics, logos, and branding elements with exceptional clarity and detail. Make a memorable impression with eye-catching visuals.
  • Available Sizes: The RCM-SSFB is available in various sizes to suit your specific signage requirements. Choose the size that best fits your display area and messaging needs.
  • Ideal for Custom Printing: The fabric banner is compatible with a range of printing methods, including dye-sublimation and direct-to-fabric printing. Customize your signage with precision and creativity.