RICOH Ri 1000X Direct to Garment Printer

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Ricoh SKU: RICOH-Ri-1000-X

The New RICOH Ri 1000X Direct-to-Garment Printer

The RICOH Ri 1000X is a game-changer for print shops and businesses, setting a new standard for DTG printing. With enhanced color brightness and reduced ink consumption, this printer delivers exceptional quality and cost savings.

Unlock New Business Opportunities

Refresh your award-winning DTG printing with the Ri 1000X. It offers:

  • Lower operational costs for a higher ROI
  • Higher productivity with quick full-color printing
  • Comprehensive DTG support for all experience levels

Ricoh RI 1000X Package Includes:

Ricoh Ri 1000x DTG Printer with 1-year Warranty
1 Medium Size Shirt Platen
Full CMYK + 2 White Ink Cartridge Set
Full Cleaning Cartridge Set
Maintenance Supply Kit
ColorGate Software Access
2000+ Graphics Package $1000 Value - FREE

Built for Higher Performance and Value

The Ri 1000X stands out with:

  • High-performance print heads for stunning results
  • Real-time print previews via overhead viewport
  • Interactive 7" touchscreen with smart alerts
  • Sharper and more vibrant images with up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Improved platen drive and table adjustment for versatility
  • Simplified cleaning and ink supply management
  • One-click dark garment printing mode
  • Quick switch to direct-to-film printing
  • Reduced ink usage and simplified cleaning for cost savings

Built for Productivity

The Ri 1000X reduces production and delivery times with:

  • Full-color 10” x 8” graphic prints on light garments in under 27 seconds
  • Quick garment swapping and loading with easy dressable platens

Built for Quality

Produce higher quality, longer-lasting garments that customers desire with:

  • High-resolution printing up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Accurate color management with ColorGATE RIP

Built for Cost Savings

Streamline operations and increase profitability with:

  • Automatic fabric thickness detection and table height adjustment
  • Intelligent auto cleaning and white ink agitation systems
  • Accurate ink cost calculation for precise pricing

Even More Apparel Versatility

The Ri 1000X prints on nearly any garment, fabric, color, and offers direct-to-film printing for added versatility. Expand your product line with ease.

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