Mutoh UH21 UV-LED Ink 220ml Cartridges



Color: Cyan - 220ml
Cyan - 220ml
Magenta - 220ml
Yellow - 220ml
Black - 220ml
White - 220ml
Varnish - 220ml
Cleaning - 220ml


Exceptional Print Quality:

Experience exceptional print quality on a wide range of solid materials and objects with Mutoh UH21 UV Ink. Your prints will stand out with precision and clarity.

Print Matte and Glossy Textures:

Bring versatility to your projects by printing Braille and a variety of matte and glossy textures. Achieve the perfect look for your designs with ease.

220ml Cartridges:

Convenient 220ml cartridges are available in Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, White, and Varnish options, ensuring you have the right colors for your printing needs.

Quick Dry Output:

Your prints are dry and ready to finish right from the printer. No waiting, no smudging - just a seamless and efficient printing process.

Cool UV Cure Technology:

Benefit from cool UV cure technology that not only ensures low energy consumption but is also ideal for heat-sensitive media. Keep your workspace comfortable and energy-efficient.

Non-HAP Formula:

Mutoh UH21 UV Ink is formulated without hazardous air pollutants (Non-HAP), eliminating the need for an air purifier. It's an environmentally friendly choice.

Excellent Adhesion and Scratch Resistance:

Your prints will have excellent adhesion and impressive scratch resistance, ensuring they maintain their quality even under heavy use.

ADA Compliant Braille Printing:

UH21 inks are essential for ADA Compliant Braille printing with the XPJ-661UF printer. Achieve compliance while maintaining high print quality.

Compatible With

  • ValueJet 426UF
  • ValueJet 626UF
  • ValueJet 1626UH
  • ValueJet 1638UH
  • XpertJet 461UF
  • XpertJet 661UF

Safety Data Sheet:

For detailed safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (PDF) for Mutoh UH21 UV Ink.

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