Micro Clamp Shoe 2 3/4" x 11/2" HoopTech


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The Shoe Micro Clamp is a single window specialty clamp designed for sewing on the sides of shoes. These heavy duty clamps are built with high strength aluminum. The clamping pressure required to hold a stiff leather shoe like a soccer cleat, is extreme and the shoe clamp is up to the task.

Rail mounted Clamps for Embroidery on shoes and other hard to hold items.

With the Hooptech Shoe Clamp you can personalize soccer shoes, gym shoes, Toms©, Converse©, Uggs© and many more hard-to-hold items.

To use the Shoe Clamp

Attach it to the drive bar on your embroidery machine, open the upper clamping window with the large clamping knob, insert the shoe side or tong, align the shoe using the window sides for reference and tighten the clamping knob to get the desired hold. Then run a trace to make sure that there is enough room inside the shoe for the design.

How to Mount the Shoe Clamp

The SHOE CLAMP is mounted directly to the machine drive bar (same as your cap driver), for a positive attachment. Machine specific adapters bolt to the clamp body and are used to attach and adjust the clamp to fit your embroidery machine.