Cinnamon Candy 924-1637 #60 Weight Madeira Polyneon Thread | 1640yd Spool


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Elevate your embroidery projects with Cinnamon Candy #60 Weight Madeira Polyneon Thread.

This 1640yd spool is made from 100% polyester, ensuring exceptional durability and eliminating issues like looping, puckering, and thread breaks. With its unique formula, this thread runs smoothly on high-speed embroidery machines, delivering precise and consistent results.


  • Striking Cinnamon Candy Color: The vibrant and eye-catching cinnamon candy color adds warmth and visual appeal to your embroidery designs.
  • Exceptional Durability: Madeira Polyneon Thread is constructed with a specially developed raw material, providing outstanding durability and minimizing thread breaks for uninterrupted stitching.
  • Smooth Running: The unique formula of Madeira Polyneon Thread ensures smooth running, allowing high-speed embroidery machines to operate optimally and produce flawless stitches.
  • Vibrant Colors: Enjoy the glossy and vibrant colors of Madeira Polyneon Thread, which adds depth and richness to your embroidery projects.
  • Versatile Applications: Madeira Polyneon Thread is ideal for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments, and commercial linens, guaranteeing professional and high-quality results.
  • Extensive Color Range: Choose from a wide selection of 387 solid colors, 20 multi-colors, and 24 fluorescent colors to unleash your creativity and achieve various embroidery effects.
  • Recommended Needle: Optimize your embroidery results by using #65/9 or #75/10 needles, ensuring smooth thread flow and precise stitch formation.
  • Various Puts Available: Madeira Polyneon Thread offers different put-up options, including #40 5,500 yard cones or 1,100 yard spools, #60 1,640 yard spools, and #75 2,734 yard spools, providing convenience and flexibility for your embroidery projects.
  • Oeko-Tek® Certified: Rest assured that Madeira Polyneon Thread is certified to be free from harmful substances, adhering to safety and eco-friendly standards.

Enhance your embroidery projects with the vibrant Cinnamon Candy #60 Weight Madeira Polyneon Thread. Its exceptional durability, smooth running, and striking color make it an excellent choice for high-speed embroidery machines. Whether you're embroidering uniforms, safety garments, or commercial linens, trust Madeira for the highest quality embroidery thread available.

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