Kodak Light Shirt Pretreatment


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Liter Concentrate
Gallon Concentrate

Kodak LIGHT SHIRT Pretreatment comes in CONCENTRATE.

Premixed can be used straight from the bottle in either liter or gallon size.

Instructions for using Kodak Light Shirt Pretreatment


Ratio 1:3 which means - 

1 Liter of pretreatment + 3 liters of water makes =  1 Gallon

1 Gallon + 3 gallons of water makes = 4 Gallons

Light shirt pretreatment is for when you are NOT printing with white ink.  This is usually the case when printing on white shirts.  If you are printing on light-colored shirts and NOT using white ink, then this is still the pretreatment you want to use.  What this does is make your designs crisper, more vibrant and It doesn't leave a yellow stain like dark shirt pretreatment can.