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Evolution3 Cutter with QuikSwap Tool Heads

The Evolution3 Cutter with QuikSwap Tool Heads provides the ultimate flexibility for your cutting needs. Designed for specific purposes, these tool heads can be attached or detached from the cutter in seconds.

Evolution3 Fabric Tool Head

The Evolution3 Fabric Tool Head is perfect for cutting fabric, paper, film, vinyl, banners, and delicate materials. The spring-loaded cutting wheel with adjustable pressure ensures precision. For use with the Evolution3 BenchTop and FreeHand, it is recommended to be used in conjunction with a cutting mat. The Evolution3 SmartFold includes an integral polymer cutting strip for textiles and fragile materials. No separate cutting mat needed.

Fabric Tool Head

Evolution3 Rocker Tool Head

The Evolution3 Rocker Tool Head is a general-purpose tool for cutting materials such as banners, cardboard, and foamboard up to 10mm (3/8″). Ideal for occasional cutting of aluminum composite panels with a Tech-D.012 blade.

Rocker Tool Head

Evolution3 Creaser Tool Head

The Evolution3 Creaser Tool Head is perfect for creasing in both directions and is ideal for stout paper, card, cardboard, and grey board. It features three creaser wheels to suit different materials, including a V-shape wheel for embossing fast and accurate banner hems.

Creaser Tool Head

Evolution3 Double Graphik Tool Head

Included with the Evolution3, the QuikSwap Double Graphik Tool Head has two individual blade holders for two-way cutting. Stronger and more stable blades make it ideal for vinyl, banners, cardboard, PVC foamboard up to 13mm (1/2″), foam-centered board, corrugated plastic, paper, pop-up, and roll-up materials.

Double Graphik Tool Head

Additional Information

The QuikSwap tool head family offers users ultimate flexibility. Whether for general cutting, creasing, or fabric cutting, each tool is designed for a specific purpose. Easily attach or detach tool heads to suit your work. The Double Graphik Tool Head is supplied as standard, with other optional QuikSwap tools available to extend your cutting capability.

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