iColor ProRIP Software for OkiData Printers


OkiData Owners ProRIP now available for your printer!

What does this mean to owners of the OkiData 831TS, 711WT, 8432 and the 920WT?  It means you will now have access to all the great iColor print modes and color profiles.  You will be able to adjust the white toner ouput like never before AND when you buy the iColor Upgrade kit, you will be able to finally print true black, fluorescent colors, Sublimation, clear and security toners.  This is HUGE for you OkiData printer owners.  

Why use iColor® ProRIP?

Use the iColor® ProRIP software to print white as an underprint or overprint in one pass.

This professional version is designed for higher volume printing with an all new interface. Design files can be printed directly from your favorite graphics program, as well as imported directly into iColor® ProRIP.

The iColor® ProRIP software allows the user to control the spot white channel feature. Three cartridge configurations are available: Spot color overprinting, where white is needed as a top color for textiles; Spot color underprinting for printing on dark or transparent media where white is needed as a background color and standard CMYK printing where a spot color is not needed. No need to create additional graphics with different color configurations – the software does it all – and in one pass! Enhance the brilliance of any graphic with white behind color!

The iColor® ProRIP Software comes standard with the iColor® 550, 600 and the new 800W

• Designed for a “production” atmosphere, allowing multiple page continuous printing without the need to press the “online” button as seen with the iColor® TransferRIP software.

• All Print modes are set up for the user, meaning you no longer have to remember to set functions like mirror print, choke, white density, media type and media tray. Simply choose the media being used, and the rest is set for you!• Accurate colors, thanks to custom ICC profiles for each print mode and media selection.

• Built in editing tools such as Gimp and Fluidmask included free. These integrated programs let users make edits quickly, without the need for expensive editing software.

• The iColor® ProRIP comes with a perpetual license for available upgrades, which means unlimited updates for life of the product version.Advanced features to keep you a step ahead:

 Advanced color manipulation and removal - Allows you to remove a color from the artwork, like removing black from a design going on a black shirt

 White opacity control to save money - Choose the percentage of white used in the white layer to save toner and only use it where necessary

• Professional layout tools to design custom sized graphics

 Rasterization - which can add small holes or lines within your image for a soft breathable print

• Color Blending and color changing within the software

• Remove backgrounds with a click of a button

• Direct printing from your favorite graphics program

• And much more!

Compatible with Microsoft Windows® 7 / 8 / 10 (x32 & x64) only.

Download the User Manual for ProRIP here