Hotronix® Heated Lower Platen

Hotronix SKU: heatedplaten


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Size: 16" x 20"

Confidently tackle delicate polyester and tri blends with the fully threadable bottom heated platen. Heat from the lower platen melts vinyl adhesive, allowing a lower application temperature from the top platen. Compatible with any Hotronix Clam manufactured after 1990, including the Hotronix Auto Clam, MAXX Clam, Dual Air Fusion, Air Fusion, and Swinger.

  • No more scorched garments
  • Helps reduce the risk of dye migration on polyester
  • Eliminates the need to pre-heat garments
  • Ensures 3D and die-cast emblems retain their full dimension & reduces applicaiton time


Anti-static Quick Slip platen protector
Separate digital mirco-controller
Fully threadable heated bottom platen melts adhesive from below reducing high heat from the upper platen to protect sensitive polyester pieces
Dedicated 20 amp circuit required
2 year warranty included

You'll find your model and serial number on the base of the heat press. The heated lower platen is compatible with models: STX, MAXX, XRF, XRF2, XRS, XS.

Instructions for the Hotronix® Heated Lower Platen

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