Forever Laser Tattoo Paper 10pk


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FOREVER’s Temporary Laser Tattoo Paper: 10 Pack 


FOREVER’s Temporary Laser Tattoo Paper is perfect to add-on your t-shirt business. Support your local school team or represent your favorite pop culture icon, our Tattoo paper opens doors to endless opportunities.

With the innovative Tattoo Paper from FOREVER we offer a versatile, removable and creative alternative to permanent skin decoration. Expand your portfolio and present your customers with a product that offers limitless possibilities.

Numbers, Family Portraits, Movie Heroes, all sorts of Shapes, Signs and Patterns: Each theme and each person can be represented with Tattoo Paper. Customers are free to determine Size, Color and Designs without limitations.

The application process is very easy, and the end results are stunning.



  • Skin-Friendly
  • Water Resistant (lasts several days)
  • High Resolution Quality
  • Easy and Fast Application
  • Suitable for Standard Laser and LED Printers. More advantages available with a White Toner Printer.
  • Finest Details
  • Easy to Cut with Scissors or Plotters/Cutters 


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