Siser EasyPSV Removable Blackboard


Siser SKU: easypsv-blackboard-12"-20yd

Introducing EasyPSV® Removable BlackBoard®, the ultimate solution for all your tricky projects that chalk paint just can't cover. Say goodbye to waiting for paint to dry because as a quick crafter, you need a faster alternative. This incredible chalkboard can be easily applied and removed in just one day, leaving you amazed at its convenience.

Transform any hard, flat surface into a temporary or long-term writable space with EasyPSV Removable BlackBoard®. Compatible with soft chalk, standard chalk, or chalk ink markers, this versatile blackboard wipes clean effortlessly with a damp cloth, allowing you to rewrite, redraw, and reuse it as many times as you desire.

Crafting milestone boards for special occasions like the first day of school or baby's first birthday has never been easier with EasyPSV Removable BlackBoard®. Not only that, but it's also CPSIA certified, making it ideal for kids' items. Whether you're a crafty adult or a creative kid, EasyPSV Removable BlackBoard® is a must-have!

EasyPSV Blackboard Applies to:

Painted Drywall Glass Wood Plastic Metal Ceramic
Painted Drywall Glass / Mirror Wood Plastic Metal Ceramic



  • Quick and easy application and removal
  • Compatible with various chalk types and markers
  • CPSIA certified for safe use with kids' items

Don't miss out on the fun and convenience of EasyPSV Removable BlackBoard®. Get yours now and rock out with your chalk out!

Application Instructions

• Place EasyPSV® with the liner side down and cut your design. (DO NOT reverse/mirror your design.)
• Weed excess vinyl.
• Remove the application tape’s paper liner and place tape on top of EasyPSV.
• Burnish with a squeegee.
• Lift the application tape and EasyPSV away from the paper liner.
• Place the application tape on your desired object.
• Burnish with a squeegee to fully adhere the design.
• Gently peel away the application tape, leaving just your EasyPSV design on the object.

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