Brother Embroidery Machine Stand for PR series

Brother SKU: PRNSTD2

$1,099.99 $1,459.99 Save $360

About the Brother Embroidery Machine Stand 

Upgrade your embroidery workspace with the PRNSTD2, designed for use with Persona PRS100 and all PR-Series machines. This attractive metal stand offers stability and additional features for optimal performance.


Key Features:

  • Wide Table Area: The stand features a spacious table area with rounded edges, providing ample space for your embroidery machine and large frames, including the cap frame.
  • Secure Placement: Ensure stability during use with locks that resist machine vibration, offering a secure foundation for your embroidery endeavors.
  • Easy Mobility: Maneuver effortlessly with locking wheels, facilitating smooth transportation of your embroidery setup.
  • Height-Adjustable Legs: Customize the stand's height to your preference, enhancing convenience and adaptability in your workspace.
  • Cap Frame Space: Specifically designed to accommodate the cap frame, making it ideal for efficient preparation of hats for embroidery.
  • Spacious Shelf with Dividers: The large shelf includes supportive dividers for organized hoop storage and dedicated space for accessories, instruction books, and small supplies.


For Use With: Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X, Entrepreneur PR650, Entrepreneur PR650e, Entrepreneur PR655, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e, PR-600, PR-600C, PR600II, PRS100, PS1000

Instructions for the Brother Embroidery Machine Stand for PR series

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