B-Series Magenta Brother GT-3 Series 380ml Ink Bag


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The B-SERIES inks are designed as a replacement bags for the Brother GT3 DTG garment printers. These 380cc bags drop into the existing GT3 carts. Save 35% over OEM white and almost 50% on CMYK ink costs – this allows you to print more and put those savings into your pocket!

  • 35 Second White ink cure time
  • 380 mL replacement bags
  • This bag is NOT manufactured by Brother
  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Recommended use with the Image Armor line of pretreatments
  • DO NOT MIX OEM inks and Image Armor B-SERIES inks – a complete changeover of inks must be done at the same time.

Instructions for Curing Image Armor Ink

Cure the Image Armor Inks at 356F for 35 seconds. You can go a little longer on the cure time, however best results are achieved at the suggested time and temperature

Use light to medium pressure on the heat press to cure the ink.

Allow for 24 hours after heat pressing before washing the shirt. This allows continued curing of the ink. Washing immediately will result in about a 10-15% decrease in print quality life.

For the best results, use Image Armor Pretreatments 

Changing to Image Armor Ink

If you currently have empty Brother carts lying around – save them! Our website has information on how to safely open and replace the empty bag. These carts can be re-used over and over. The bags must be inserted correctly according to our instructions to avoid misreading of the ink level meters.

Learn how to change over to Image Armor B-Series ink on your Brother GT341, GT361 and GT381