7.5" x 8" E-Zee Cut Performance 250pk


Madeira SKU: EZperfor7.5250

E-Zee Cut® Performance Backing is low profile, with the sturdy construction of a true woven fabric. This makes it ideal for unstable fabrics. The low profile, high stability of this product works especially well with performance wear garments and any other thin, slippery fabrics. Use with high performance wear, knits, & loosely woven fabrics. Great for designs up to 8,000 stitches. Two pieces may be used for larger or more dense designs. Made of 80%Polyester 20% Rayon.

How to use Cut Away Stabilizers
Cut a piece from a roll or use a piece of pre-cut to fit your hoop size. Hoop by placing the backing underneath the garment.

Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop. Trim the excess backing with a sharp pair of scissors or shears, leaving approximately ¼” around the outside of the design. Rounding the corners instead of leaving them square or pointed will avoid curling later on.

Helpful Hint
To avoid nicking the fabric when trimming away the backing: Hold the backing while trimming and let the garment drape. Be sure to face it so you can see both the edge of the design and the fabric while you are trimming.