1 Liter Polyester Pretreatment


Garment Printer Ink SKU: PolyLiter

1 Liter of Polyester Pretreatment for White and Dark Polyester Blend Shirts

Poly PreTreatment is specially formulated to work with textile ink and polyester and poly-blend fabrics, printing with White and CMYK on poly blend Shirts.

CURE TIME - varies between different poly blends and how much pretreatment you apply.  However, 300° with a 30 sec hover or some variation of that will work.  Depending on the polyester blend you are using you need to be careful not to scorch the shirt.  Using a infrared Dryer works best, however hovering on a heat press works also.  Some poly blends you can get away with using light pressure.

*You have to do some wash testing on all printed poly and poly blend garments prior to selling because the blend and composition of different brands vary which means results could vary

This is an example of how a dark polyester shirt printed without out poly pretreatment and then after with poly pretreatment

 white ink on poly pretreatmentafter using polyester pretreatment