This is an official Garment Printer Instruction / application guide



Step 1



Insert the DTF transfer film in paper tray, platen, or on paper roll holder depending on the equipment at use. Transfer images for dark garments will require a white overlay / a white layer of ink over the mirrored color print.


Step 2



Evenly distribute the TPU powder over the wet print manually or using the automated commercial powder shaker. If you are distributing the TPU powder manually, be sure to wear protective gloves to avoid skin irritation.

Remove excess powder by shaking and flicking the backside of the transfer film over a trash can.  A mask is recommended for this step to avoid lung irritation.


Step 3 (a)

MELT POWDER (option 1)


Step 3 (b)

MELT POWDER (option 2)




One option for melting the TPU powder is using a curing oven. Place the powdered film sheet inside of the curing oven and heat for 2-3 min at 100 - 120°C. When the powder is correctly heated, it will adhere to the ink and create a shiny, orange-peel texture.

Another option for melting TPU powder is using a heat press. Place the film inside of the heat press and hover the top platen 4-7mm over the transfer. This can be made possible by placing wooden blocks on either end of the film sheet. 

DO NOT apply pressure!

Heat for 3-5 minutes at 140-150°C. DO NOT completely close the press! Wait until the powder becomes glossy and appears to have an orange-peel texture.



Step 4



Pre-press the garment prior to the transfer process for 2-5 seconds. This will flatten the fabric and remove any excess humidity.

Step 5




Thread the garment onto the lower platen. Place the film (print-side DOWN) on the garment. Cover with a silicone pad or parchment paper.

Press for 10-20 seconds at 325°F.


Step 6



Allow the garment to completely cool before peeling. Peel the film off in one, low, slow, continuous motion.

Step 7




Re-press the garment for 10-20 seconds at 325°F. This step is recommended for increased durability.



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