Using Ink Cartridges for the Melco G2 Printer


g2 ink warning

1. Remove the ink cartridges from the containers and shake each ink cartridge for 30-60 seconds.

2. Make sure the blue ink system delivery levers (shown below) are in the up position (if they are down the ink cartridge will not go all the way in the bay).

3. Insert the ink cartridge by the number indicated on the cartridge with #1 going into the far left ink bay and so on.  Each ink cartridge is keyed to its numbered bay so that it can only be inserted into the correct bay.  You should not have to force it and if inserted correctly you will feel the "keyed" portion of the ink cartridge move into place (sometimes, a slight click can be felt). 

g2 ink 2g2 ink 3

Left side of Printer

 Right Side of Printer

Bay 1

Bay 2

Bay 3

Bay 4

Bay 5

Bay 6

Bay 7

Bay 8









4. Lower both of the blue ink system delivery levers so that the ink cartridges are locked in place and properly connected to the ink delivery system.

g2 ink 4


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