Conveyor Dryers

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A conveyor dryer and a heat press are both used in the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing process, but they serve different purposes and have some key differences that make one a better option over the other.

While a heat press can be used to dry the ink and set it, it is not as efficient and practical as a conveyor dryer, particularly for DTG printing, where multiple garments can be dried at once in a conveyor dryer, and this increase the production rate and reduce the time of the entire process.  Additionally, using a conveyor dryer over a heat press also allows for more precise temperature control and faster drying times. This means that the ink will be cured and set more quickly and efficiently, resulting in higher quality prints that are more durable and long-lasting.

Each dryer is assembled at the time of order.  The build time, crating and shipping can be 8 - 10 Weeks from date of purchase.

Conveyor Dryer: Your Solution for Efficient Drying

A conveyor dryer is a versatile and essential piece of equipment in various industries, known for its ability to efficiently dry a wide range of products. Whether you're in the printing, textile, or manufacturing business, a conveyor dryer offers numerous advantages and plays a crucial role in the production process.

Key Benefits of Using a Conveyor Dryer

  • **Efficient Drying:** Conveyor dryers are designed to rapidly and evenly dry various materials, from textiles and garments to printed items like T-shirts.
  • **Consistency:** They ensure consistent and precise drying, reducing the risk of over-drying or under-drying, which can compromise the quality of your products.
  • **Increased Productivity:** Conveyor dryers are capable of handling high volumes, making them suitable for businesses with large production requirements.
  • **Versatility:** They can be used in conjunction with different processes, such as screen printing and textile manufacturing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Conveyor Dryers

What does a conveyor dryer do?

A conveyor dryer is a specialized machine used for drying various products, typically in a production or manufacturing setting. It features a conveyor belt that transports items through a heated chamber, allowing for efficient and uniform drying.

What is the advantage of a conveyor dryer?

The primary advantage of a conveyor dryer is its ability to dry items quickly and uniformly. This results in increased productivity, reduced production time, and improved product quality.

Do I need a conveyor dryer?

Whether you need a conveyor dryer depends on your specific business and production requirements. If you deal with items that require efficient drying, especially in high volumes, a conveyor dryer can be a valuable addition to your equipment lineup.

How does a belt dryer work?

A belt dryer, such as a conveyor dryer, works by moving products on a continuous belt through a heated chamber. The heat source evaporates moisture from the items, and the conveyor belt ensures uniform drying. It's a highly efficient method for drying various materials.


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