Leveling the Melco G2 Printer


level caution

You will need to level the printer using the four leveling feet on the bottom of the machine.

The following tools are needed to level the printer

  • Adjustable (Crescent) Wrench
  • 9" or 12" level

Place the level on the front machine base cover to check if the machine is level front to back (below)

Check to make sure the machine is level left to right (below)

To adjust the machine leveling feet.

  1. The bottom nut is attached to the leveling foot, you will need to loosen the top jam nut before moving the bottom nut.
  2. Adjust each foot until the machine is level
    • Turn the foot clockwise to un-thread the foot from the machine.
    • Hold the bottom nut with one of the crescent wrenches while turning the top nut counter clockwise until it comes in contact with the printer chassis.

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